There is no question that the NFL has passionate fans.  The NFL also has more fans than any other sport in North America.

In fact over 35% of Americans say that the NFL is their favorite the sport.  MLB and College Football are tied for second way down at  11%.  Over 59% of Americans follow the NFL, 2 years ago the number was at 55%.   The NFL’s dominance and growth is somewhat fascinating.  Nothing can stop or even slow it.  Concussion scandles, strikes, replacement refs,

Every Sunday hundreds of thousands fans pack into giant NFL stadiums.  They start in the parking lot bright and early where they setup extravagant tailgates.  They grill and they chill.  They visit with the friends talking about how good (or at times pathetic their teams is).  The enjoy brats, burgers, steak, eggs, bacon, jalapeno poppers, chips, beans, chili, and the list goes on.  They share beer, cocktails, and laughter.  It’s a pregame routine fit for a champion.

Shortly before kickoff fans rush into the stadium, most of them sporting the colors of the home team, and many of them sporting elaborate costumes and face paint.  The energy inside is insane, especially when the home team is winning.

But that’s not all.  Millions of people watch from hmoe


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