New York Jets

new-york-jets-fan-crazy-hairThe team we know as the New York Jets entered the NFL in 1960 as the Titans of New York. The name was officially changed in 1964. While they don’t have a fan base that is as large as some other NFL teams, they do have many loyal fans. Part of the problem with generating fans is that there is also the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills in the area to fight for that attention.

MetLife Stadium

The New York Jets share MetLife Stadium with the New York Giants. This stadium is actually located in New Jersey. It was opened in 1984 and prior to that, they played their games at Shea Stadium. Until 2010 it was known as the Meadowlands. However, the new stadium was built on the parking lots of the old one.

Tailgating does take part at the MetLife Stadium but not as much as it once did. The fact that it costs almost $100 now to park is ridiculous in the eyes of many fans. They prefer to take the subway right to the stadium. The exception is those with season tickets as they do get a parking pass with that purchase. They are the ones that diligently show up to tailgate for all of the home games.

In Spite of the Losses

It can be easy to judge those that follow a team year after year, in spite of the losses that are adding up. Yet those that are loyal to the Jets team say it is about more than winning. It is the spirit of the team, the comradery of the fans, and they will continue to follow the team even if they don’t get the win. The Jets played in and won Super Bowl III but it has been a very long time since they have made it back to the big game.

New-York-Jets-Fans-PaintedGang Green Nation

One of the largest populations of Jets fans is Gang Green Nation. This is an online group that continues to grow. They offer information about the team, about players, and they have a message board for fans to interact. This is a terrific place to plan tailgating activities, to meet other fans, and to talk about the rivals.

Jets Huddle

If you are looking for the most diehard and intense New York Jets out there, they are part of Jets Huddle. They have been involved in some heated discussions at times over player choices, coaching decisions, and even the actions of other teams. This is also an online group, and the forum often has thousands of members on the site at any given point in time.

In 2014, this group of fans was a driving force behind the fundraiser of $10,000. The money was to place a billboard by MetLife Stadium asking for GM John Idzik to be fired. The funds were donated by upset and angry Jets fans around the world! It took less than a week for the funds to be raised.

Rival Teams

The rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots has been fierce since the Jets began in the NFL. The two teams have had some very exciting games, and many of them have been during the playoffs. This rivalry escalated in 1997 when head coach Bill Parcells left the Patriots and took over as head coach of the Jets. When Parcells resigned three years later, so did his assistant coach. That assistant was Bill Belichick, and he took over as head coach of the Patriots the following season.

There is also a rivalry between the Jets with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. Ironically, insiders say the bond between the players of both teams is very strong since they have shared the same stadium for almost three decades. The fact that these two teams rarely face each other in games anymore has helped to strengthen that bond.

Eric Decker

Many Denver Broncos fans were upset when the team cut Eric Decker. The New York Jets picked him up. He has always been a beloved player due to his talent, his contributions to community, and his good looks. As a result, many Broncos fans are now also Jets fans. They are still loyal to their own team, but they have room in their hearts for the Jets to win too!

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