Indianapolis Colts

Crazy-Colts-Fans-BlingThe Indianapolis Colts have a very exuberant and vocal fan base, and these loyal followers never miss an opportunity to provide local support. During the games the Colts fans can be very loud and boisterous, especially when the opening of the song Hells Bells by AC/DC comes over the speaker system. This is the signal for the fans to get as loud as possible and give their favorite team that extra little bit of push to help them win. When home games are going on most of the stores and businesses in Indianapolis are empty, or very close to it. The fans who do not have tickets to the game watch at home, holding parties and getting together with neighbors and friends to get their Colts fix and cheer or shout encouragement from couches and chairs all across the city.

Blue is the color that Indianapolis Colts wear to show support for the team, and this color can be seen well before the game starts. Many people wear blue to work on Friday to start the excitement for the upcoming game, and this continues through the weekend. During the games the Colts fans can be seen in a wide range of costumes and face painting styles, but the overall theme is always the color blue. There are a number of clubs for fans to join, and there is a special club or program for all ages. In addition there are banners and photos posted throughout Lucas Oil Stadium which honor specific fans who have purchased season tickets, and these note the year that the fan first became a season ticket holder as well.

Special Clubs for Indianapolis Colts Fans

The Indianapolis Colts offer some special clubs for fans to join. The Colts Kids Club is open to kids between 4 and 12 years old, and there are monthly letters, drawings, giveaways, and special opportunities designed just for these age groups. The Blue Ladies Club is a fan club designated for women who are big fans of the team, and members get a unique experience that few other NFL teams can offer. The Colts Fan Club is open to all ages and both genders, making it the popular option for most fans. All of the clubs offer special promotions to members.

Touchdown Town

Touchdown Town is the fan destination for those who want to have fun and enjoy the experience of tailgating without any of the work or hassles involved. This special area dedicated to fans of the Indianapolis Colts is situated north of the stadium, and fans will find food, fun, and entertainment for every age. Kids have the opportunity to meet some of the players and the team’s cheerleaders, and to participate in a number of fun games and events designed for younger fans. Touchdown Town has live music and concerts, food trucks with a variety of tailgating specialties, and even a giant screen where fans can watch what is going on in the stadium before the game actually starts. Touchdown Town is open to fans starting 3 hours before the game kickoff, and fans can stay in this area until 30 minutes before the game start time.

Tailgating at Lucas Oil Stadium

Fans who want to tailgate and who do not choose to visit Touchdown Town will find plenty of space and like-minded people, and this is very popular no matter what the weather is like. The Blue Crew Lot is one of the most popular tailgating venues at Lucas Oil Stadium, and this is where die-hard fans gather to enjoy a close knit tailgating community. New fans are always welcome in the lot, and many of the fans in this area have been coming for many years so there is a friendly atmosphere and plenty of sharing.

For fans that want to tailgate it is important to arrive early. The traffic downtown on game days can be extensive, and parking close to the stadium can be more expensive while spots a few blocks away may be more affordable for fans who do not mind a little stroll to the game. Tents and canopies are allowed in lots where tailgating is not prohibited, and fans will party even in the rain as a result. The sense of camaraderie between fans is really something, and everyone comes together to have a fantastic time while showing their devotion to the Indianapolis Colts.

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