Denver Broncos

Invesco FieldAnyone who thinks Broncos’ fans are lukewarm or wishy-washy doesn’t know much about Denver. Whether it’s attendance, tailgating, merchandise, or sheer determination in getting to home games, Broncos’ fans are the craziest.

First, let’s start with how many people show up to the stadium. Denver has the 3rd highest attendance in 2014, and that’s only because they haven’t played as many home games as some other teams. In 2013 and 2012, the Broncos were in the top six. Clearly fans are only getting more intense in their devotion. And they need to be. How else are they going to get Invesco Field jumping like they did Mile High? Invesco might not have the metal framework that Mile High did, but that doesn’t keep the fans from being some of the loudest in the NFL.

And how crazy do you have to be to even go to a game in Denver around, say, mid-November? It’s cold. It snows. But this doesn’t keep fans away, ticket sales are proof of that. Icy roads, icy seats, snow drifts, pouring rain, none of it keeps them away. Short of a full scale natural disaster, or, you know Godzilla, Broncos’ fans will be in their seats every Sunday. You can bet they’ll be wearing their jerseys when they get there too.

Peyton Manning’s jersey is one of the most popular across the nation, and it’s helped the team stay near the top in merchandise sales. This is due to Broncos’ fans and their loyalty to their team. At every home game there is a sea of over 70,000 people wearing deep blue and orange jerseys, waiving orange banners or towels, keeping warm with Broncos themed beanies. No matter where they are, Broncos’ fans show you who their allegiance belongs too, even if it’s with a bumper sticker at the tailgate party.

Now, all fans like to tailgate, but the Broncos have a webpage dedicated to it. When the grills, T.V.s, and card tables come out, it’s a full on party. And you can get tips on how to make your tailgating party the best ever straight from the Broncos website, as well as a list of all the dos and don’ts. There’s also the Mile High Mountain Village, which is free and open to all fans. The village features flat-screen TVs, food and drink specials, appearances by Cheerleaders, Alumni and Miles the Mascot, a DJ, face painters, caricatures and much more.

Broncos’ fans have been a loyal and proud fan base for many years. They support the team by showing up and wearing their colors. They party like no other fans. When they say they’re the best, you can believe it.

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