Oakland Raiders

We may not have a win in our column yet this season, but still an Oakland Raider’s fan to the end! In fact, sometimes, I like it when we are losing (and at this point in time we have lost the past 16 games)! It helps to weed the garden of the bandwagon fans and those that are true diehards. Anyone can support a team when they win, it takes hard and dedication to continue to support them when they don’t.
Oakland Raiders Fans

Best Costumes

There is no doubt that some of the best costumes you will ever see on NFL game day happen to be worn by the Oakland Raider’s fans. Some of them spend hours and hours painting their faces and putting on warrior style costumes. It is so much fun to go to a game and see the original costumes that some of them have come up with! The costumes are meant to be a form of non-threatening intimidation for the other team.

What is remarkable is that our players continue to get out there and work hard every single game. They hold their heads high even when they aren’t the winner. They always thank the fans and that is impressive.

There is no doubt that some of the best costumes you will ever see on NFL game day happen to be worn by the Oakland Raider’s fans.


Oakland Raiders Fans have the highest investment in memorabilia of any other NFL team. This includes all types of clothing, collectibles, and footballs. That really speaks volumes about the fan base that this NFL team has.
Raider Nation and the Black Hole

Raider Nation

We love our fan tag which is “Raider Nation”. The name has been in place since 1980. It refers to the Raider fans all over the United States. Many people assume that our fan base is only in California. Yet you will be surprised at the volume of them around the USA. There is a Raider Nation website too that allows the fans to interact.

The Black Hole

The Black Hole is found in the South Zone of the stadium, and this is the ULTIMATE place for the true Raider fans to be. Many refer to it as a dark area of a Halloween party! You got it, this is where you will find just about everyone in a costume to support our silver and black on the field.
O.Co Coliseum is where our home games are played. The is seating for just over 56,000 here. While it isn’t the largest of NFL locations, it is one that is versatile, that is usually sold out even when we are down on our luck. There are many season ticket holders too so you start to see lots of familiar faces.


Our course the Oakland Raider’s also have the most penalties stacked up of any other NFL team. This has earned them some fans that are barbaric, that like to have the tough testosterone flowing, and that want to see football get back to some hard hits. They don’t like the flags being thrown left and right for every little thing.


Our biggest rival is the San Diego Chargers. Not only are the another California team, they are also in our division. When we play against them, we know that there is plenty on the line in terms of bragging rights and rankings. I have to admit that Phillip Rivers (us fans call him Crybaby Rivers) is fun to watch when he is losing! Some of our fans did carry it too far though in October when they egged the Chargers bus as it pulled up to the Raider’s facility to get ready for the game.

Future Coaching Excitement

Things may be looking up for the Oakland Raider’s in terms of coaching. There are rumors swirling around the NFL that Jim Harbaugh may be the coach starting with the 2015 – 2016 season. He may be what it takes to turn this game around.

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