San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers fans have to be tough skinned. We have heard every joke there is about our team! While we have only been to the Super Bowl once (and lost to the San Francisco 49ers), we still stand proud for our team.

Boltman - San Diego's Unofficial Mascot

Boltman – San Diego’s Unofficial Mascot


Rough and tough is what you get when you see a group of San Diego Chargers fans. This is a group with plenty of pride and determination. One of the biggest rivals of our team is the Oakland Raiders. It is a hate/hate relationship that continues to spar on plenty of trash talking among fans from both sides.

Since both teams are also division rivals, and both teams have strong willed fans, you can imagine what the outcome is. Add to it that both teams are based in California, and it doesn’t take too much for fans of each team to travel to the other for a home game. It definitely keeps things interesting!


Many San Diego Chargers fans have a saying “we can’t control the outcome of the game, but we can control how it all gets started”. Come early for the grilling contests that often take place in the parking lot. There are also fun events such as taco eating contests. You really don’t know what you will find until you show up, but you can bet it will always be a great way to lead up to entering the stadium for the game.

Qualcomm Stadium

You can’t ask for a better place to have our home games than at Qualcomm Stadium. We tend to refer to it as The Q. It is shaped like a horseshoe and seats about 70000. Qualcomm doesn’t always sell out and has received a bad rap for it as of late. It’s common for fans of other teams to joke that we have no fans If we had our way, we wouldn’t have to share tickets with rival teams… but the NFL won’t permit that!


You have to admit it, the San Diego Chargers have one of the most creative fans in the NFL with Boltman. The Boltman has evolved over time, mainly due to the interactions with the fans. The idea actually came to life for the 1995 Super Bowl game. While this fan doesn’t share his name, he does share that he grew up and graduated from high school in the San Diego area.

Since 1995, Boltman has shown up to every San Diego Chargers home game. He is seen cheering, dancing, and rallying other fans at the games. He has taken on the Black Hole at the Oakland Raiders home games against this team 3 times.

He was told the last time not to return, and after the game he was escorted out by law enforcement. He was told that even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was putting other fans and even the Oakland Police Department at risk by being in that territory.

Boltman would love to one day see this costume as the official mascot for the team. He has the support of plenty of other fans in his quest to get this done. At this time, the San Diego Chargers don’t have an official mascot.

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