Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta-Falcons-Lady-Fan-WingsThe Atlanta Falcons fans have long had a reputation for being less passionate than fans for some of the other NFL teams, but that is changing and the fans have been showing up in larger numbers due to the success of the team lately. When enthusiastic fans do arrive they have shown that they can make as much noise and be as supportive as those who follow other teams. There are usually between 55,000 and 70,000 Falcons fans at each home game that the team plays and these fans can get fired up and rowdy when this is called for and the team is playing well.

One of the biggest problems with the Atlanta Falcons fans is that many arrive in the stadium late, and this can cause the appearance of a lack of fan support when the games start. Eventually the large number of fans will arrive inside the stadium for the game, and many are delayed because of the heavy traffic and the many tailgating events held outside of the Georgia Dome. Falcons fans can be loud at times, and many show team support by wearing the team colors, holding banners, and even using face paint and unusual hairstyles or wigs to show the crowd where their loyalties lie during the games.

Falcons Landing Theme Park

One of the ways that the Atlanta Falcons reward fans who show up to see the home games in person is Falcons Landing. This is a theme park which is open during the 3 hours right before a Falcons home game, and it is offers fans a unique experience that no other team in the NFL offers. Falcons Landing has something for all ages and for all levels of fan participation, from interactive games to live autograph sessions with some of the players on the team.

There are different types of entertainment featured each week, and fans will find music, refreshments, and a whole lot more. Even the youngest Falcons fan will be engaged and entertained until the game starts. The theme park opens exactly 3 hours before the kickoff time, and it closes when the kickoff starts. There is no charge for Falcons Landing, this theme park is provided by the Georgia Dome and the Falcons in order to build excitement among the fans.

Tailgating at the Georgia Dome

Many Falcons fans enjoy tailgating, and the Georgia Dome encourages these events as long as the tailgaters follow the rules and stay in areas where tailgating is allowed. All of the flat parking lots at the Georgia Dome allow tailgating, but this activity is prohibited in the multilevel garages on the campus. Many of the Falcons fans have elaborate tailgate spreads that are quite impressive, and some bring everything but the kitchen sink. Many may think that the fans for this NFL team are less enthusiastic than some of the bigger and more successful teams, but a walk through the tailgating area shows that many fans are enthusiastic and supportive enough to make a whole day out of the game.

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