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Seattle Seahwaks FansI have to admit that I am annoyed by many of the new Seattle Seahawks fans. They seemed to really take an interest in the team over the past few seasons. When they beat the Denver Broncos in the last Super Bowl, the bandwagon really got moving at full force. Yet I am part of the 12th man and have been here for this team – win or lose – for a very long time!

Variety of Fans

I am the first to admit that the diversity among the Seattle Seahawks fans is what makes it so interesting. This is the only NFL team in the entire Pacific Northwest region. As a result, we have plenty of fans from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. There are also diehard fans in areas of Canada including Alberta and British Columbia.

Let’s Make Some Noise!

There is no question that Seattle Seahawks fans are loud and proud! We are considered to be among the most loyal fans in the NFL. We have had some terrible seasons but also some amazing wins. The best fans in my opinion are the ones that can hold their heads high no matter the outcome.

When it comes to making noise, we never disappoint! The noise rule that the NFL implemented in 1985 was a result of Seattle Seahawks fans! However, we continue to ensure that we are loud for our players. It encourages them, it shows support, and it also gives them an advantage when we play at home. The stats say it all as there have been 143 false starts against us at home from 2002 until 2012. This is the 2nd highest in the NFL.

Did we cause a couple of earthquakes due to our noise? That is the statement from scientists in the Seattle area! They believe that the first one occurred in 2011 and the second one during the New Orleans playoff game in 2013. It is believed that all of the jumping, yelling, and movement  caused these magnitude 1 earthquakes!

We have set the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd at a sporting event twice! The first time was in September of 2013 against the San Francisco 49ers. We did it again in December of the same year against the New Orleans Saints.

12th Man

What gives the Seattle Seahawks an edge over the other team? There are only 11 men allowed on the field for each team, but as the fans, we give our team a 12th man out there! As a Seattle Seahawks fan, I think it is awesome that the team and the entire organization recognize what we are all about.

They know we don’t have to show up and support the team. They know we can spend our hard earned money and our time somewhere else. They are appreciative that we show up. In 1984, President Mike McCormack retired the #12 jersey in our honor.

He felt it was a way to salute the fans that had made this team so great. Since 2003, the 12th Man has been honored with a flag. The original 12 season ticket holders put the flag up for the first time prior to kickoff of the October 12th game. The players continue this tradition by raising the flag at the South end of the stadium for the fans before each home game.

CenturyLink Field

Since 2002, Seattle Seahawks fans have enjoyed our home games at CenturyLink Field. All games since the 2nd week of the 2003 season have been sold out. This also includes playoff games that our team has been a part of. There are 67,000 regular seats here and an additional 5,000 that can be set up for special events.


One of the fun elements of being a Seattle Seahawks fan is that we have some terrific rivalries in place. The long time rival of our team is the St. Louis Rams. They seem to play dirty and get lots of penalties when they visit us. They often complain that the noise of the crowd gives us an unfair advantage too.

When John Elway was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, they were also a rival. This was very pressing from the 1980’s until about 2002. I think many Broncos fans underestimated our team too when it came to Super Bowl XLVIII. Not only did we win, but we won with a score of 43 to 8.

One of the newest but most thrilling rivalries is between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. I think they underestimated our team, until they lost a chance to go to the Super Bowl by losing to us! Of course we had been bumped out of the playoffs by them the previous year so this is a rivalry that is sure to continue!

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