Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans are known for their enthusiasm and their hardiness, with thousands showing up to cheer on the team even when the winter weather is brutal. Bears fans have a die hard attitude, and can often be seen bundled up against the bitter cold while cheering their team on. These are not fans who put in an appearance just to be seen, they love their team so much they are willing to brave ice, snow, and stinging winds to show support.

Steve Grayson/Getty Images

Steve Grayson/Getty Images

Many Chicago Bears fans are families who have had season tickets for many years, even for generations in some cases. Bears fans are not shy about showing their enthusiasm, singing the fight song for the team, jumping to their feet and cheering at every opportunity, and playing close attention to every move by every player. During the home games the fans at Soldier Field always turn out in large numbers, even in the middle of December when Lake Michigan can make the weather difficult to endure, because they are very passionate about their team and never miss an opportunity to show support.

Tailgating at Soldier Field

Tailgating is very popular with Chicago Bears fans, and there is a wide range of foods and menu choices that fans prepare. There are always fans who stick with traditional tailgating fare like Chicago style hot dogs and juicy hamburgers, but there are also tailgating parties at Soldier Field that feature seafood and other unusual and unexpected tailgate foods as well. Parking coupons are normally required and these must be purchased ahead of time. A favorite often seen at tailgating events in the lots around Soldier Field is the grilled Krispy Kreme hamburger, and fans grill two of the delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts to use as buns for the burger.

Adler Planetarium does offer a cash lot that allows tailgating but this lot is just for oversized vehicles, and it can fill up very quickly during the football season. Parking passes for the entire season are offered to season ticket holders using a lottery system, but even those who win in the lottery are not guaranteed a spot where tailgating is allowed. The lots at Soldier Field open 4 hours before the game starts, so there is plenty of time for tailgating fun. The stadium does not allow tailgating during the actual game though, fans are expected to be inside the stadium rooting for the Bears from the stands. There is an additional 2 hour period allowed when the game ends for tailgating, unless it is a night game and then there is no tailgating allowed after the game. Tents and canopies are prohibited, and Soldier Field does not allow fire pits or deep fryers, even on the tailgating lots.

Chicago Bears Fans Always Seem to be Prepared and Enthusiastic

When it comes to Chicago Bears fans preparation seems to be the keyword. These fans arrive with plenty of necessities, whether they will be tailgating or they just want to stay warm in the Windy City while they watch their favorite team play. No matter how low the temperature may drop the fans are always very enthusiastic and full of energy, and there is a community spirit among fans of the Bears that is not seen with some of the other NFL teams. Sharing among fans is very common, both in the stadium and in the tailgating lots, and many of the fans bring extra food or supplies just in case a neighbor at the game is missing something. Even the youngest fans at the Chicago Bears games are often decked out in team colors and NFL gear, and face painting, large banners, and team jerseys from various periods from the team’s history can be seen in large numbers. It is no secret that the Chicago Bears has a very large and very energized fan base, even when the team is losing.

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